Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop in Toronto

Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop provides a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for clients in Toronto’s Forrest Hill, Annex and Financial District. Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop is packed with fresh prepared dishes, sandwiches, salads, pad-Thai, homemade dessert and an abundance of gift items for every occasion. With our ever changing selection, takeout or dine in café seating & daily specials, the food shop is always hustling and bustling during the lunch and dinner hours with those looking for healthy prepared salads and entrees

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Customers can break from tradition and purchase from the increasingly popular frozen food packages from our “Below Zero Frozen Food Line”. These are great for a quick meal or attractively wrapped they make the perfect gift for anyone from new home owners, new parents, Shiva meals, recently bereaved, a student care package or the elderly. The “Below Zero” frozen line has options for all needs and plates.

Dedicated to using the freshest ingredients for our clients; whether it is Ontario’s seasonal produce or items from local meat, dairy or bread suppliers, we make it easy to eat well. Whether dine-in or takeout meals, grocery basics, deli delights, sweets for gifts, Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop has something to please every palate.

For Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop inquiries
Email us at: foodshop@urbanfarecatering.com

TORONTO CATERING COMPANY & FOOD SHOP : Monday: 10am - 6pm | Tuesday: 10am - 7pm | Wednesday to Thursday: 10am - 6:30pm | Friday: 10am - 6pm | Saturday and Sunday: Closed