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"As a child, I spent many hours in the kitchen watching and learning from my mother. Cooking was her craft and she used it to express herself and to express her love for her family. The combination of only the best ingredients and her innate talent produced the most delicious flavours. I still treasure all of her heartfelt recipes today and continue to let spirit shine through everything I make."

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At Urban Fare Catering & Food Shop we believe in the power of food and how it brings us all together. By preserving the family tradition and celebrating a Mother’s love of cooking we bring these delicious and treasured recipes to you in the "My Mother’s" homemade line.

The "My Mother’s Homemade" Frozen Food line allows you to enjoy gourmet and delicious meals at home without any fuss. All prepared with the freshest ingredients by professional chefs, we offer a wide variety of Frozen Food options including; Poultry Entrees, Meat and Seafood Entrees, Vegetarian Entrees, Poultry Hors d’oeurves, Seafood Hors d’oeurves, and Vegetarian Hors d’oeurves. As well as a great selection of homemade soups and a variety of flavourful sauces that perfectly embody the art of cooking from the heart.

"I dedicate these products to my Mother, Anna Jannetta, whose love of cooking and family came first, above anything else."


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